Do you feel...
  • Exhausted?

  • Stressed?

  • Anxious?

  • Overwhelmed?

Do you struggle with...
  • Chronic pain?

  • Fatigue?

  • Weight and food cravings?

  • Allergies?

  • Fears and phobias?

  • Relationship issues?

Are you...
  • On an emotional rollercoaster?

  • Unable to come to terms with grief or trauma?

  • Lacking clarity and direction in your career or personal life?

Make Time for Health.
Let me help you reclaim your life, gain the clarity you seek, and feel better.

When we're happy and healthy, our minds, bodies, and emotions are in balance. Energy flows freely through us, and we feel, think, and act with ease. Disturbing that balance and blocking or disrupting the flow of energy often leads to pain, illness, or distress.

Health kinesiology, a holistic therapy combining the principles of ancient Chinese medicine with the modern techniques of muscle testing, helps remove those blockages and restore your body, mind, and emotions to a balanced state.

You don't have to put up with pain, anxiety, or distress.

You can live a vibrant, joyful life.

Our bodies are designed to heal from within, and as a health kinesiologist I'll be working with you and for you to rebalance your life.

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Make time for health.

Make time for balance, clarity, and a life without pain and distress.


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