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For your Physical, Emotional and Mental Health.

Heal from Within, Let Your Body Lead The Way

Using Health Kinesiology and Movement Based Learning

"I feel safe  in my body

I feel safe on Earth

I feel safe on my path"

Christof Melchizedek

"The First Wealth is Health."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Read on if are looking for a Better, Empowered Future.

Can Health Kinesiology help me?

Health Kinesiology is suitable for all ages, and will easily work alongside any medication that you're on.

People come for this work when greater physical health is needed, when anxiety or depression have become the norm and when mental health may be described as a thick fog.

Life can be better !

Help with exam performance, career vision, confidence, repeat infections, improved relationships, emotional and mental trauma, and more, are asked for and dealt with.

Life can move forward positively.

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Happiness, Health and Freedom

Health Kinesiology

The body is designed to heal and wants to heal itself, this gentle work allows you and the practitioner, together, to help you "fix the problem" from within.

Health Kinesiology uses Muscle Testing to find the energy circuits in the body that are under stress and in need of repair in order for the energy to flow. This resets the body and subconscious to Self Heal rather like being an electrician for bodies!

Claire's work facilitates your SELF to Self Heal, find Self Knowledge, be in Self Control, discover Self Love and assist you in Life Changes.

HK helps the Inner You to break down barriers, to see with greater clarity, to gain mental, physical and emotional strength to take steps for change.

Do you wish to move forward in life with Health and Happiness?

What has stopped you living the full, healthy, happy life you deserve?

What changes are you possible of to attain that great job, the body you are happy with, be in better health and have more fulfilling relationships?

Allow Claire to help you smile at your future.



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