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About Claire


I first heard of Health Kinesiology many years ago.  I'd just had my second child after a very difficult pregnancy, and as well as running a household and looking after a toddler, I was trying to care for a fractious baby that wouldn't sleep, wouldn't eat, and wouldn't stop crying.

Doctors and health visitors couldn't find a reason for his unhappiness. I was constantly exhausted. I knew instinctively that something was wrong, even I was told that some babies are just like that.


Guilt became nearly overwhelming as I worried that my son was in pain and I didn't help him, that I was failing my toddler, and neglecting my family. All while I, too, was in pain. 

Feeling like a failure is intensely painful.

Feeling that you're failing your children is almost unbearable.

Then a friend suggested that a kinesiology practitioner might be able to help me, and I'm still grateful I followed their advice. The kinesiologist didn't just calm and ease my baby son, she helped me feel calmer, more relaxed, and less guilty, too. And that, in turn, changed the whole atmosphere in our family home.

This demonstration of how our mental and emotional states can impact our physical wellbeing stayed with me for many years, and finally led me to train as a health kinesiologist myself.

Busy and often overwhelmed by daily demands, few of us realise how many niggling aches, allergies, or mental and emotional struggles stem from painful memories we haven't processed, from traumas we've ignored or pushed aside, or from bad habits, unhelpful thoughts, or limiting beliefs we're still clinging to.

I love that I can use health kinesiology and bioenergetics therapy to help balance my clients' bodies, minds, and emotions as they need it. I can help them let go of unwanted baggage, and watch them achieve new insight, clarity, and self-appreciation.

My treatments are as individual as my clients, and each session is tailored to your body's needs at that moment.


I've trained in Health Kinesiology in London and have attained advanced qualifications in Health Kinesiology Levels 1-8 and 10,  the highest level. 

Before that I was a primary teacher in mainstream and special schools,B.Ed(Hons)


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