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Help for Healers, Therapists & Healthcare Professionals

Many healers, therapists, and healthcare professionals cite a desire to help others as a main reason for choosing a career that's as joyful and fulfilling as it is demanding. We're all taught that self-care is as important as continued professional development. And many of us are also business owners.

That's a lot of responsibility and a huge load of demands. If you find that you're not moving forward as you'd planned - either personally, with your career, or with your business, or if you feel you're burning out under the demands made on you, then I may be able to help.

I'm Claire, a health kinesiologist and bio-energy therapist, and I've developed a special interest in helping other healthcare professionals reach their full potential.

Who are my clients?

  • complementary therapists

  • massage therapists

  • osteopaths

  • nutritionists

  • physiotherapists

  • kinesiologists

How can I help?


Health kinesiology and bio-energy therapies, with their roots in Ancient Chinese Medicine, treat the physical body while also balancing our mental, emotional, and spiritual energies.

Health kinesiology and bio-energy work show results relatively quickly. In only twelve sessions we can release stresses, unhelpful memories and emotions, limiting belief systems, mind fog, and other niggling concerns, leaving you energised, calm, and with positivity, clarity and insight... the very attributes you need daily to grow and flourish and be successful in your chosen field.

The package includes:

  • discovery chat either by phone or zoom, including a questionnaire

  • 12 one-hour sessions

  • 12 twenty-minute follow-up sessions between appointments to discuss results

While the package has been designed in a standardised format, each session is tailored to your situation and your needs.



For a discovery chat please book an appointment.

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