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Kinesiology Online

Most clients will experience kinesiology sessions face to face. But during lockdown, I started to investigate ways of helping anyone who needs help, whether they can make it to my treatment room or not.


Online kinesiology is based on surrogating, a technique that is part of the formal training of all health kinesiologists. Surrogating is useful when working with clients who are very young, very ill, or who cannot meet us in person. Some health kinesiologists even use it to help animals!

Surrogating works by using a surrogate - myself or another person - to mirror the client's energy system. While I work on the surrogate, everything I do happens to the client at the same time.

It's a certified technique, and I'm pleased to report that it lends itself perfectly to working under lockdown conditions!

How many online sessions will I need?

Health kinesiology treatments produce results relatively quickly. In most cases, weekly sessions are the most beneficial.


How many treatments you choose to have is up to you, but most clients will need just 8-12 sessions. And help with stress relief or phobias can be achieved in as little as four sessions.

To discuss how I may help you or to book an appointment, please contact me.

What happens in an online session?

Online session take place via Zoom or Facetime, or can be done completely "offline".


In that case, we'll agree a time when I work, while you relax in a quiet place.


During Zoom / Facetime sessions, I use myself as the surrogate for your energy system and perform the muscle tests on myself.  Based on the results, I'll ask questions or ask you to repeat words and phrases as I would during a face to face appointment.

"Claire and I have been working together for a couple of years through her face to face kinesiology therapy. During lockdown, it had not been possible to continue our work until Claire studied how to practise remotely. I have now had two sessions using zoom and I can honestly say the sessions themselves have continued to be therapeutic with no loss of results. It genuinely feels like I’m in the room with Claire and I have even had a breakthrough in a couple of areas using this method. I would highly recommend remote kinesiology and remote healing with Claire. She’s amazing!!"



Caroline Kemp

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