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Helping Mental Health

There have been many stories of inspiration, hope and joy in this week of Mental Health Awareness, as we talk about our experiences and struggles, and unite. We hear of a variety of tools used to help people move forward and gain control of their world.

Movement based learning is a new tool for the tool box.

It addresses the foundations of learning about ourselves and our world, about how we grow and connect to our inner most self in order to reach out and be in the world around us. How? By following patterns of movement from our time in utero and babyhood, repeating simple, beautiful movements that create secure connections in the brain. The additional joy of these is that parents/partners/carers perform these movements on the loved one, which can also create a lovely bond. This growing neurological development is at the very foundation of all learning, as we organise information from our sensing, feeling and knowing. We can regulate our emotions and thoughts, we can start to regulate our anxiety and mood. Our brain is so amazing that these neurological connections can be developed at any age, so great for the teenager, for your partner, anyone. Help is in your hands, quite literally.

Courses to learn these movements are available, please get in touch.

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