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Are your children acting out because you're having a bad day?

We may not be aware of it. We may not even notice. But our moods affect the people around us.

Have you ever smiled at a stranger and had them smile back? Have you ever offered a helping hand to someone and felt a wash of gratitude in return?

If we send out good vibes in our expressions and actions, good vibes return to us to replenish that wellspring of positive energy inside us.

The reverse is also true. We communicate our anger, anxiety, and panic just as easily to the people closest to us.

So the next time your children behave in unexpected ways, display anger or anxiety, or tell you they ‘just can’t do' something, take a look at the emotions you’re projecting towards them. If you can change from angry and disappointed to calm, supportive, and loving – even for just a short while – you may find their behaviour will change.

Because if you drag around a rain cloud, everyone near you will get wet.

At Time of Health, I’m helping people from all walks of life to find their inner balance. I help them to let go of negative feelings, anger, and anxiety, and embrace a more positive aspect of themselves.

If you feel that life is getting on top of you, and you would like to talk to somebody about changing that, please connect with me and let’s chat.

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