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Don't let the well run dry

Show people a picture of a well and the first thing they’ll say is “water”. They’ve learned from pictures and films and TV programmes that if you toss a bucket into a well, it comes back dripping.

But even the deepest, most magical well does not have an endless supply. And if overused, the water can run out.

As parents, we’re used to looking after our families. We’re used to providing what they need, be it food, love, support, or shelter. We give freely of our energy, but we don't often make a conscious attempt to replenish that well, putting us in danger of exhaustion.

Self-care is not selfish.

Looking after yourself does not mean that you are neglecting to look after everyone else.

In fact, if you look after yourself, you are - at the same time - ensuring that the well of your energy and love is sufficiently stocked to look after your family.

You cannot pull water from an exhausted well, just as you can't pour from an empty cup. So don't begrudge yourself that piece of chocolate or 10 minutes by yourself in the garden, because what you’re doing is filling up that well.

I’m Claire, and at A Time for Health I help people balance their lives.

Anxiety, overwhelm, and hopelessness are signs that you have exhausted your inner wellspring or that its flow is blocked. Health kinesiology, a type of energy work, can help remove those blockages and rebalance your life, and I can teach you to take care of your needs to make sure your energy well remains full and flowing.

Is your inner well in danger of running dry? Contact me for an exploratory chat to see if I can help.


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