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Treating ALL of You

"Holistic therapy" has become a bit of a buzzword in the last decade. So much so, that many of us use it without thinking. But what does it actually stand for? And what does it mean when discussing your health and wellbeing, and the way I can help you?

Most of us tend to be very specific in the way we seek help. We pinpoint a problem and then choose a person specialising in that kind of problem.

When you have a cough or a fever, or you've sprained an ankle, you see your GP for help.

When you're afraid or confused, you turn to friends or family for comfort.

When you're depressed or anxious, you find support through counselling or similar therapies.

And when you struggle to find deeper meaning in your life, you seek assurance in your faith or beliefs.

PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL - our lives combine these four aspects, like four rooms in a house.

Each functions independently. But you need the connections between all of them to create a home. After all, a bathroom alone won't be ideal when you're hungry or tired.

For the most part, we deal with problems in one room at a time. Holistic therapy, however, focusses on the whole house, not just each room. It's just as concerned with the connection between the rooms, and the way they influence one another.

Why is that important?

Imagine you're preparing for an interview. You research the company and the job they're offering. You tweak your CV. You plan what to say and ask. You choose your clothes with care, and fix your hair. You're excited about the job, and determined to show your best side.

And then you remember the last time you had an interview.

Maybe you didn't like the interviewer. Maybe the company didn't make a good impression. Maybe you didn't answer a question the way you would have liked.

And suddenly, your hands are sweating, your stomach is churning, and all your enthusiasm has vanished and been replaced by dread. You question whether you really want that job, whether you're qualified enough. You may even cancel the interview.

And the next time you are invited to an interview... you may be actually sick. Or have a migraine. Or not apply for a job at all.

This is what the interconnection between the four aspects of our lives looks like in action. Our thoughts and emotions trigger physical reactions, which then feed back into our thoughts and emotions.

Holistic Therapy in Action

As a holistic therapist, I work with all four aspects of your personality. I'm trained to look at the connections between our fears, memories, and physical reactions, so that I can help you pinpoint the events causing those fears.

Once we've identified the triggers, we can work to release them, gently and carefully. So the next time you're in a similar situation, you won't feel crippling fear or nausea, but just the natural excitement that comes with a fresh start.

Whether you're worried about job interviews, feel you have lost your career mojo, struggle with chronic pain, or feel overwhelmed by the problems life throws at you - health kinesiology can make a difference.

We pinpoint exactly where you're "stuck" and gently free you from these old restrictions to allow you to move forward once more.



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