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Movement Based Learning

Learning for ALL- Academic, Physical, Emotional and Mental Strengths

Your appointment is a learning experience, and tuning into your body’s innate wisdom requires a dedicated one-on-one approach. I offer customized treatments for your specific set of concerns that will get you feeling back to yourself and better than ever in no time. Get in touch with me today to see how I can create a personal plan for your specific needs.

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Movement Based Learning

Easing Learning for All - Mainstream and Special School

Helping with Reading and Writing, Behaviour/ Self Regulation of Emotion, Attention, Self Help skills ie: dressing/ feeding, Peer Relations, Confidence, Movement Development and Ability.

Workshops and Individual sessions available.


The  workshop is for parents to learn how we can use touch to help children accomplish goals in life with greater ease. These goals can be anything from walking, self- feeding, reading with more ease, relating to peers, learning to self-regulate behaviours, relaxing muscle tone, having hair brushed, etc. Your child may have a diagnosis, may not, may be in special school, may not, you know your child.
This empowering workshop uses an approach called MOVEMENT BASED LEARNING (MBL)

As adults we all know the power of touch, the feelings and messages touch can convey. This is no less so for our children, but for some, touch is confusing. Some children are highly sensitive to external stimuli, triggering behaviours and emotions that are “not standard” in our society.

But what if we could tap into the innate power of learning that we are born with and use the natural first movements of life to help our children?

Humans learn through movement, from our time as a fetus, as a new born and through life. As we move our brain develops and grows, new connections are made both within us and to our external world.

As a teacher and parent I have adapted my behaviour and environment to make life and learning easier for children, but always thought there was something else. I explored various approaches with differing levels of success, and then I found MBL. The name didn’t zing but I read on. To me it made sense, it went to the root cause, it gave empowerment to me.

It is based on the knowledge of those baby reflexes, remember the reflexes the doctor tested for? From knowledge of these and other reflexes simple techniques/activities have been developed to mimic the growth and learning pattern in early months of life. These are important because it is through movement that we learn, in utero and in the first years, our body movement stimulates brain development. The survival reflexes we are born with are meant to be replaced, allowing control and conscious, deliberate responses, however sometimes these reflexes become stuck in the body, this is where MBL comes in, we can teach the body to let go and move on.
Exciting idea isn’t it!

I went on a workshop to find out more and was so blown away by what I saw and heard that I have now trained to deliver workshops in MBL to parents, carers and anyone who lives and works with children.
I trained in Scotland, my licence comes from Movement Based Learning Inc. in the USA.
I offer this workshop as a parent, ex teacher, kinesiologist, as someone experienced in family life, who has a passion to help other families and the children in them to make life easier for all, to develop the child’s potential.

It is my hope that through this type of workshop, combined with other interventions, parents will have self-help skills to help their loved ones.
This workshop to learn MBL is the beginning of an amazing journey.
These are exciting times, dare to believe.

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